Kennaa Equestrian Centre for Sale, St John's, Isle of Man

Kennaa Film Studios


The majority of film productions use the Isle of Man for its diverse locations. However, when a studio space or weather cover is needed, Kennaa is perfectly positioned to fulfill that need.

OFFICES (click on the images to view larger versions)

There is a new office block to the rear side of the studios with telephone lines and internet connections, also kitchen and parking facilities.


There is also a pleasant picnic area which overlooks the St. John’s valley nearby.





The 4300 sq.ft. sound stage has recently been upgraded with industry standard sound proofing and lighting rigs, to specifications provided by Simon ‘Purple’ Hayes, a member of MAPS.

Simon has this to say about the facility:

“It has been an absolute pleasure shooting at Kennaa and both Director and Production are very thankful indeed that the original performances captured at the studio are of such high quality due to the complete sound proofing that none of the sound will have to be re-recorded. This protects the actors original performances and also saves a lot of money in the post production budget. I can honestly say that Purple Stage at Kennaa is as quiet as ANY of the studios at Pinewood or Shepperton. The stage is WELL within international sound stage acoustic tolerances-meaning it is properly SOUNDPROOFED, not sound treated or dampened or any of the other terms I have heard applied to certain other studio’s on the Island.”


Length: 31m (102ft)
Width: 13m (42ft)
Height: 4.5m (15ft) at lowest point
Area: 403 sq m (4,337 sq ft)

The sound stage walls have 400mm of densely packed insulation contained by 12mm ply, securely fixed via a timber frame to the steel frame and perfectly level concrete floor.

The roof is fixed through a steel bracket system allowing 600mm of densely packed insulation to give increased sound deadening properties. This is also lined with 12mm plywood.

The roof and walls are lined with 75mm acoustic insulation (Rockwool Sound-Pro Insulation), and covered with a woven, studded, geotextile to give an extremely effective ‘chesterfield sofa’ effect.

The frame has scaffold tubes welded to the roof trusses (6mm weld), giving a hanging point at 14 locations, with a load capability of 50Kg/m.

An insulated service hatch (2ft x 2ft) allows cabling to run from outside, where a 10ft by 5ft shed has been constructed outside to house sound apparatus.

There are 14 Double Power Points (240 Volt).

PROP STORAGE/CONSTRUCTION AND PARKING (click on the images to view larger versions)

Behind the stage, is a large, secure construction/storage space,suitable for props or set building with ample parking and large vehicle access.

Further parking suitable for Unit/Facilities Vehicles is situated behind the Equestrian Centre less than two minutes’ walk away.




Producer            Richard Raymond, Pippa Cross

Director             Philip Ridley

Starring             Jim Sturgess, Clemence Poesy, Noel Clarke, Joseph Mawle

Filmed               20th June – 20th July 2008


Producers         Martin Pope, Michael Rose (Magic Light Pictures)

Director            Jonathan Lynn

Starring            Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint, Rupert Everett, Eileen Atkins

Filmed              7th October to 27th October 2008


Producer            Ken Marshall

Director             Paul Andrew Williams

Starring             Andy Serkis, Reece Shearsmith, Jennifer Ellison

Filmed               March – April 2007


Producer             Deepak Nayor

Director               Paul Schrader

Starring                Woody Harrelson, Kristin Scott Thomas, Lauren Bacall, Ned Beatty, Moritz Bleibtreu, Willem Dafoe, Lily Tomlin

Filmed                 20th April – 5th May 2006


Producer            Francesca Barra, Ed Guiney, Charles Sturridge

Director             Charles Sturridge

Starring             Peter O’Toole, Samantha Morton, Lassie the dog, Peter Dinklage, Edward Fox.

Filmed               17th June to 10th July 2005


  • Fade to Blackclick here for more information

Producer            Barnaby Thompson

Director             Oliver Parker

Starring             Christopher Walken, Danny Huston, Paz Vega, Diego Luna

Filmed               20th August – 13th September 2005


  • Boy Eats Girlclick here for more information

Producer             Ed Guiney

Director                Stephen Bradley

Starring                Samantha Mumba

Filmed                  16th August – 3rd September 2004


  • Chromophobiaclick here for more information

Producer             Tarak Ben Ammar & Ron Rotholz

Director                Martha Fiennes

Starring                Penelope Cruz, Rhys Ifans, Ralph Fiennes, Kristin Scott-Thomas

Filmed                  20th August – 15th September 2004


Producers           Virginie Silla, Pierre Spengler

Director                Guy Ritchie

Principal Cast     Andre 3000, Jason Statham, Ray Liotta

UK release date: 22 September 2005


Producer             Martin Pope (Martin Pope Productions)

Director                Thaddeus OSullivan

Starring                 Helena Bonham Carter, Olivia Williams, Paul Bettany

Filmed                  December 2001


  • The Gatheringclick here for more information

Producer             Marc Samuelson, Peter Samuelson, Pippa Cross (Samuelson Productions)

Director                Brian Gilbert

Starring                Christina Ricci, Kerry Fox, Ioan Gruffudd, Stephen Dillane, Harry Forrester, Jessica Mann

Filmed                  Date of Principal Photography: 27th September to 25th October 2001.


Producer             Walter Josten, Jeff Geoffray, Brian Agnew (Blue Rider Pictures incorporated)

Director               Dennis Lewison

Starring                Sir Ian Holm, Mickey Rourke, David Warner, Gary Cady.

Filmed                  August 1998


  • Sons and Loversclick here for more information

Producer             Suzan Harrison (Company Productions)

Director               Stephen Whittaker

Starring                Sarah Lancashire, Hugo Speer, Rupert Evans, Keeley Forsyth

Filmed                  May 2002


  • The Hound of the Baskervillesclick here for more information

Producer             Christopher Hall (Tiger Aspect Productions)

Director                David Attwood

Starring                 Richard Roxburgh, Richard E Grant, John Nettles, Matt Day

Filmed                  April 2002